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CORI SuperTee

CORI SuperTee (Short Sleeve, Ladies)

Available in 3 Colours -
Midnight Blue / Pearl White / Space Black

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CORI SuperTee (Short Sleeve, Men)

Available in 4 Colours -
Midnight Blue / Pearl White / Space Black
 / Kumo Grey

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CORI SuperTee (Long Sleeve, Unisex)

Comes in 4 Colours -
Midnight Blue / Pearl White / Space Black
 / Kumo Grey

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CORI SuperPillow

CORI Travel Pillow

Offering unmatched support, comfort and portability, the CORI Travel Pillow significantly improves posture for better rest and happier necks.

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The Deluxe Set

Enjoy the ultimate experience and the best savings with a CORI Travel Pillow bundled with an Add-On Cushion set for extra support and a plushier and more luxurious feel.  

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Add-On Cushions

Compliment your travel pillow with a separate Add-On Cushion set for extra support and configurations

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What our customers say About CORI SuperPillow

This is the most comfortable neck pillow I've ever found (and I have a collection). I'm glad I ordered the spare pillows so I can try out more configurations. A great job. I have to say, this may be one of my FAVORITE Kickstarter projects!

Ron. Phoenix, United States

Amazing. I believe I have found the perfect travel pillow! It’s modular features allow you to find the perfect support!

Antron, Singapore

It surpassed all expectations! … I slept for a solid 5 hours without waking up, with doing the head bob, and most importantly, without any neck or back pain… Thank you, creators of CORI, you have made me a very happy customer.

Caroline. Burke, United States

Good quality and I love the Olive Green. This is the first time I’ve seen this type of smooth Velcro which is great!

Preston. Henderson, United States

The product is as per described and fully versatile. It is also very lightweight and comfy!

Altricia, Singapore

Great product. Going to take awhile to find the correct configuration for myself but I think this thing is going to be awesome! Thank you!!!

Scott, Omaha, United States

Loving it so far as I’ve tried using it in the office for a power nap.

Hongyou, Singapore

I love it… Totally as described and feels very nice and comfy

Thomas. St. Gallen, Switzerland

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